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Aviation English ICAO Level 4+ Fly beyond the Polish borders as well. The countries belonging to the EU and to the Schengen Area don’t have to perform customs clearance. In the training course of English phraseology you can acquire new skills to communicate using standardized phrases in the English language.

3 000 PLN

Do I have to speak English to join the Aviation English training course?

The Aviation English training course is focused on study of proceduralaviationphraseologyin English.Our classes are conductedin Polishand English supposing that thosewho attendthe coursedo not havefluencyin Englishandwant to acquirecertain skills, whichenable them tocommunicatein a narrowfieldofaviationphraseology. Command ofthe English languageat the basic level should be however exercised so that theparticipation in the classesis effectivefor thestudent. There is noneed to haveanycertificates, which proveany English proficiency, it is your choicewhetheryou are readytobroaden yourknowledge ofaviationphraseologyin the English language, but it is worth a try.

Do I need a licence to join the Aviation English training course?

There are noformalrequirementsto have thePilot Licenceor otherlicence orcertificate of competence.AviationEnglish training coursecan be completed by anyone, who aims to broaden their knowledge in radio communicationsin English.More and moredifferent categoriesof aircraftled byEnglish-speaking pilots fly currently in Polish airspace. It is important tohave the ability tocommunicate ina specificstandard of language,whichprovides the set ofstandardizedphrases inEnglish.Apart fromaircraftandhelicopterpilots alsoultralight aircraftpilotsandgliderpilots take part in the course, such knowledgewill be usefulto everyone.

Can I take an ICAO Aviation English exam after completion of the course?

Of course, the Aviation English course aims to prepareyouto take theICAOAviationEnglishchecking your English fluency. After successful completion of the exam in front of the examination board this ratingisentered in yourlicence.

Read more how much will we broaden your knowledge preparing you to communicate in English.

Ground training tailor-made for you

We organize the training in three different modes to fit in your agenda in a possibly best way.You can check the currentdate of the forthcoming training courses in theselected option below.Our coursesare conducted intwo series. Spring seriesbegins in Marchand finishesin August,autumnseriesstarts in Octoberand endsin February.After youchoose a particular training course, think of it, which of theseries suites your agenda.

UPCOMING COURSE: autumn session 2013
THE NEXT COURSE: spring session 2014

Classes take placefrom 18:00till 21:00. If you work inWarsaw, this option is just for you. Thetravel time from Ursynów - the southernmost district of Warsaw - to our school, which is located at theBemowo airport,is approximatelyone hourin theafternoontraffic jam. Thus, ifyou finishat 17:00, you manage to do theTraining for PilotsWe can adjust the hoursof our courses +/- 30minutes upon the group request.(100h lectures).

What do I need to do to join the training course?

Application for participation in the training course is very simple, you can manage to do everything online.

  1. Make an advance payment 500 PLN and write in the title of transfer the type of the training course and the chosen option, for example: "aviation english"
    Runway Sp. z o.o.
    Bank Account Number 21 1030 0019 0109 8530 0015 3684
  2. Please write us an email using the form and with following information: First name and Surname, phone number and course option
  3. Ready! After receiving the information above and payment transfer you are entered in a list of participants. Before the date of the forthcoming training course you will get an email from us, which will remind you of upcoming classes.

Extend your skills and obtain a higher level of entitlement


Ground Training for Airline Transport Pilot Licence (A)

This course, apart from the scope of knowledge on the ATPL(A) level, provides a full range of knowledge to implement the training for Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A), the Instrument Rating IR and Multi-engine Rating ME.

3 400 PLN
Szkolenie Praktyczne do Licencji Pilota Samolotowego Zawodowego CPL(A)

Flight Training for Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A) / ME

Flight training is implemented on the basis of the training program, which aims to extend the competence of pilot to the commercial level. The exercises performed in the training process focus mainly on the service of extended functionality of the airship Complex and on development of skills for instrument flights.

from 22 000 PLN

Flight training for Instrument Flight IR(A)

Flight training is implemented on the basis of the training program, which aim is the aircraft pilot study based on a set of instruments, then the study how to move in a controlled space in accordance with the IFR (Instrument Flight Rules).

24 000 PLN

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