Flight training

Develop your aviation skillsbyjoining ourflight trainingand by gainingmoreratingsand licences.We treatthe training processas a whole, start with ourground trainingand developyour skillsduring theflight training. If you decide to pursue the complex training you will receivea specialprice for the ground training, read more in the column "Theory Courses".


Flight Training for Private Pilot Licence PPL(A)

The training process to obtain the Private Pilot Licence consists of ground and flight training, which is conducted by the end of the theoretical part. Flight training is performed based on a training program, which defines the scope of skills that are acquired by a student-pilot during the realization of next flight trainings. Flight training program encompasses a minimum of 45 hours flight time.

from 35 500 PLN


Flight Training for Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A)

Flight training is performed based ona training program, which aims to extend the competence of a pilot to the commercial level. The training focuses mainly on the operation of extended functionality of a “Complex” aircraft (retractable gear, constant speed propeller) and on mastering of the instrument flying. The training is partially devoted to the cross country flights, it is worth to choosingan appropriate advanced aircraft for training to learn how to work with modern avionics.

from 20 000 PLN


Training for the Instrument Rating IR(A) SE.

Flight training is performed based ona training program, which develops  piloting skills based solely on a set of instruments plus theknowledge of how to move in a controlled space in accordance with the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). The exercises are focused mainly on improving the techniques of reading and interpretation of the instruments and the use of avionics devices for navigation according to the ground stations and GPS system.

20 000 PLN