Rafał Olszewski

Head of training, flight instructor


Airline pilot ATPL(A) with ratings SEP(L), MEP(L), IR/ME, FI, TR DHC8. Conducts flight trainings to PPL(A), CPL(A) and ground trainings to ATPL(A) and FDL.

Paweł Piasecki

Chief flight instructor


Airline pilot. Commercial pilot CPL(A) with DHC8 TR, SEP(L), MEP(L), IR/ME, FI. Conducts flight training to PPL(A), CPL(A) and FI.

Krzysztof Zyska

Flight instructor

Graduate of Polish Air Force Academy. Air Rescue pilot. Flight instructor of airplanes and helicopters FI(A)/(H), CRI(ME), Polish CAA Egzaminer on EC 135 helicopter. Flight instructor PPL(A), CPL(A), IR and ME.

Marcin Florkowski

Flight instructor


Airline pilot. Graduate of Polish Naval Academy. Started flying on gliders in age of 17. Commercial pilot CPL(A) with frozen ATPL and FI(A). Conducts PPL(A) and CPL(A) flight training.

Krzysztof Płuziński

Flight instructor


Airline pilot. Commercial pilot CPL(A) with DHC8 TR, SEP(L), MEP(L), IR/ME, FI.  Conducts PPL(A) flight training.

Krzysztof Kłosowski

Flight instructor

Airline pilot flying on MRJTs. 4000 hours of total flight time. Flight instructor for gliders, aircrafts (MEP(L) and IR). Experienced ground training instructor of navigation, radio navigation and principles of flight for PPL, SPL, ATPL. First flight experience gained in Jeleniogorski Flying Club. Active instructor, pilot GA.

Bartosz Konopka

Flight instructor

Airline pilot with ATPL(A) with typer rating for B787 dreamliner. Flight instructor on single- and multi engine aircrafts. Additionally flight instructor to IR and IR/ME ratings. Polish CAA examiner. Passionate about everything flying and old motorbikes. Patience and precision are Bartek's special skills.

Erdin Emre

Flight instructor


Commercial pilot CPL(A) with FI rating. Flight experience got in Poland. Conducts PPL(A) and CPL(A) flight training.