Ground Training

Theoretical knowledge is avery important part of theaviation training. Each aviation licenceor ratingcovers completely new issues.We invite you toourground training,get to know our lecturersand become apart of the community, which creates theaviation realityin our country.Startyour own aviation adventure.


Introductory Course for future pilots

We invite you for an Introductory Course for future Pilots, or for those, who have been for a long time intrigued by flying. Get familiar with the operation policies of the aircraft, including the power which makes that both small light aircraft and passenger airplanes of hundred tonnes capacity can go up. Explore the interior of the aircraft and the training process of the basic Private Pilot Licence.

900 PLN


Ground Training for Private Pilot Licence PPL (A)

Yourfirst step togainthe Pilot Licenceis thiscourse.You start here your training, which aims to acquire the skills,that allowyouto move at easein the airspaceat the aircraft controls.This trainingwill let you perform your first solo flights in the near future!

2 500 PLN


Ground Training for Airline Transport Pilot Licence (A)

Ground Training ATPL(A) is for people, who are thinking of becoming a Commercial Pilot and also for people, who want to extend their aviation skills to be on a higher level, not necessarily commercial. This course, apart from the scope of knowledge on the ATPL(A) level, provides a full range of knowledge to implement the training for Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A), the Instrument Rating IR and Multi-engine Rating ME.

4 000 PLN


Aviation English ICAO Level 4+

Fly beyond the Polish borders as well. The countries belonging to the EU and to the Schengen Area don’t have to perform customs clearance. In the training course of English phraseology you can acquire new skills to communicate using standardized phrases in the English language.

5 000 PLN