Kurs zapoznawczy

Introductory Course

for future Pilots


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Feel invited to theIntroductory Coursefor futurePilots or for those,whohave been attracted toflying for a long time. Get familiar with theaircraft operational procedures, understand the forces which make bothsmalllight aircraftand passenger airplanes of hundred of tonnes capacity go up. Explore theaircraft cockpitandthe training process ofthe Private Pilot Licence.

Take a flight in the Warsaw area, see the places you know very well from aboveand feel the excitement of flying in the direct proximity ofthe sameairspace, where the passenger aeroplanes operate.

900 PLN

Have fun

The experience of flight in a small aircraft is an unique one.
Everyone leaving the machine goes out with a smile on their faces, even those who get in with a sick bag in their hand :). You will have a good time, it is a sufficient reason to fly with us !

Start a new adventure

Maybe you have been born to fly?
Resolve your doubts before you take the Private Pilot Training, let your life abound infunand fulfillment, learn to fly an airplane!

Make a unforgettable gift

What an idea!
Make use of the surprise effect, lure thelucky person to the airport without telling themwhat is going on.. Take a quick shot of their reaction,we can assure youthatthis effect will beunforgettable, it is not another tie, pair of socks or... flowers:)

The Training is organized individually on your request, please let us know in advance about your preference concerning the date and we will deal with the organization. The training consistsof aone-hour-meetingwith an instructor, you will be familiarized with thebasictheoretical issuesandwe will answer all your questions.

If youdecide in the end to makea flightround the capital, reserve next two hoursnecessary for the preparation ofthe aircraft and for performing the flight,it will last40 minutes.

The price of the introductory courseis constant regardlessof whetheryou decide tofly or not.

What do I need to take an Introductory Training?

Arrangement of Introductory Training is very simple, you can arrange everything online.

  1. Write us an email and fill in a form with following information: First name and Surname, phone number and an information that youwould like totake an Introductory Training.
  2. Done! Nowwe arrangewith youthe convenienttimefor the training,you can make thepaymentby credit card orcash on site.

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Start your own aviation adventure

Kurs Teoretyczny do Licencji Pilota Samolotowego Turystycznego PPL(A)

Theory Course for Private Pilot License PPL(A)

Your first step to obtain the Pilot Licence is this course. You start here your training, which aims to acquire the skills, that allow you to move freely in the airspace at the controls of an airship. This training allows you to start the flight training implemented at the controls of an airship.

2 500 PLN
Szkolenie Praktyczne PPL(A)

Flight Training for Private Pilot Licence PPL (A)

The training process for Private Pilot Licence consists of Ground and Flight Training, which is conducted at the end of the ground training. Flight Training is implemented on the basis of the training program, that specifies the scopes of skills, which are acquired by a student-pilot during the realization of next flight trainings.

from 24 000 PLN

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