Training from “0” to ATPL(A)

Have you always dreamed of flying? Not only with the small aeroplanes, but also huge machines, carring passengers to the remotest corners of the world, delivering cargo to the wildest territories or helping people cut off the civilized world? Then the Pilot profession is for you...

Although the training is absorbing and demands a lot from a future pilot, it is within your reach! You can start here and now. Today in Warsaw! If you want to know the exact details – see FAQ. Our Team of professionals will introduce you to all the secrets of aviation knowledge and will help you direct your career with greatest pleasure.

Aviation industry is developing constantly and is probably the only one, about which you can state surely – yes, it will get better. The Airbus and Boeing forecasts show one direction – up. A popular slogan says: „Airline Business is like a Show Business – everyone wants to be in it!” Join us!


Here is an example of an offer for the training of 0 to ATPL:
PPL(A) theory + practise:                            31 500 zł (AERO AT3 glass cockpit)
PPL(A) theory + practise:                            39 500 zł (Cessna C172S autopilot Garmin G5, 180hp injected engine)

Pilot in Command PIC 100h:
AERO AT-3                                                    60 000 zł
Cessna 172                                                 80 000 zł
ATPL training:                                               5 000 zł
VFR night:                                                     4 200 zł
Training CPL+ME+IR:                                63 000 zł (simulator FNTPII, AERO AT-3, Piper 28,  Piper PA-34-220T Seneca V)
Total (with PIC flights on AERO AT-3):      177 000 zł. (42 000 euro) (price includes CAA Exams)
Total (with PIC flights on Cessna 172)    210 500 zł. (50 500 euro) (price includes CAA Exams)

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