Flight training for

Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A)/SE or CPL(A)/ME


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The training process for Commercial Pilot Licence consists of Ground and Flight Training,the practical partis conducted by the end ofthe theoretical part. Flight training is performed based ona training program, which aims to extend the competence of a pilot to the commercial level. The training  focuses mainly on the operation of extended functionality of a “Complex” aircraft (retractable gear, constant speed propeller) and on mastering of the instrument flying. The training is partially devoted to the cross country flights, it is worth choosingan appropriate advanced aircraft for training to learn how to work with modern avionics.

Flight trainingconsists of minimum of 25 hours of flighttraining.The condition to join the trainingis themedical certificate of first class.You can complete the multi-engine aircraft class rating simultaneously to theCommercialPilot Licencetraining. The combination of twotraining programsenablessavingsat the end of the day due to the factthata multi-engine aircraft, used fortraining,is also theComplex” aircraft (retractable gear and constant speed propeller). Due to this fact we cansimultaneouslyperformexercises foreseen for multi-engine aircraft class rating and thepart devoted to the service of a “Complex”aircraft.

Before you take part in flight training for Commercial Pilot Licence you must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. have a valid certificate of ATPL(A) or CPL(A) and MEP(L) ground training completion;
  2. a valid medical certificate of first class;
  3. total flight time of at least 150h;
  4. at least 70h pilot-in-command, due to the entry of MEP(L) rating

What requirements do you have to meet to receive the certificate of flight training completion for Commercial Pilot Licence:

  1. 18 years of age
  2. completed at least upper secondary education
  3. completed training according to the program of Runway Pilot School
  4. total flight time at least 200 h (including at least 100 h pilot-in-command flight time)
  5. at least 20 h cross country flight time
  6. perform a cross country flight of at least 540 km (300 Nautical Miles), with two full stop landing at two different aerodromes, none of them being the aerodrome of departure
  7. have at least 5 hours of flights at night (including at least 3 hours of dualflight and at least 1 hour of cross country flight)
  8. perform at least 5 solo take-offs and landings at night

Read more how much will we extend your knowledge preparing you for the Commercial Pilot Licence.

Flight Training is available in the following options.

The priceof the flight trainingdepends on thetype of the aircraftchosen. Treat the training for Commercial Pilot Licence as an investment and choose an advanced equipment, it will pay off in your pilot career. Read description of eachoption andthink ofyour own needsand opportunities.

Szkolenie praktyczne CPL(A)PA34

Piper Seneca V

Piper Seneca V is a twin-engine aircraft designed formedium-rangeflights. You can take six people on boardtogether withPilot, it is a greataeroplane to train pilots for multi-engine rating. In the training programfor Commercial Pilot Licence we simultaneouslyimplement multi-engine aircraft training combined withCOMPLEX aircraft training.

Theprices of CPL(A)/ME training below includeflights ona multi-engine Piper Seneca V and flights on theselectedone-engineaircraft.


22 000PLN AERO AT-3 + PIPER Seneca V
29 000 PLN with Piper PA28 Archer/ Cessna C172S + PIPER Seneca V

Szkolenie praktyczne CPL(A)PA34


PA-28 is single-engined certified aircraft available, and is a four-seat aircraft with fully retractable landing gear. In the training program for Commercial Pilot Licence we implement also training for ratings for UPRT with training process based on COMPLEX aircraft.

The prices of CPL(A)/SE training below include flights on an single-engine Piper Arrow  aircraft and flights on the selected one-engine aircraft.


19 000 PLN with AERO AT-3
22 000 PLN with Piper PA28 Arrow or Cessna C172S

What do I need to do to join the flight training?

Application for participation in the course is very simple, you can manage to do everything online.

  1. Make sure that you fulfill the minimal requirements, which determine the participation in the training, you will find this information in this article.
  2. Please write us an email using the form and with following information: First name and Surname, phone number, name and option of training.
  3. In our feedback we arrange with you an appointment at the for you convenient time to discuss the training process and to sign the contract on the selected flight training.
  4. If you took with us the ground training please use the price preferences for loyal customers in the column "Ground Training in the set with Flight Training at a better price."
  5. Done! We get on the aircraft and start training.

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Extend your skills and obtain a higher level of entitlement.


Ground Training for Airline Transport Pilot Licence (A)

This course, apart from the scope of knowledge on the ATPL(A) level, provides a full range of knowledge to implement the training for Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A), the Instrument Rating IR and Multi-engine Rating ME.

3 400 PLN

Flight training for Instrument Flight IR(A)

Flight training is implemented on the basis of the training program, which aim is the aircraft pilot study based on a set of instruments, then the study how to move in a controlled space in accordance with the IFR (Instrument Flight Rules).

24 000 PLN
Kurs angielskiej frazeologii lotniczej Aviation English ICAO Level 4+

Aviation English ICAO Level 4+

Fly beyond the Polish borders as well. The countries belonging to the EU and to the Schengen Area don’t have to perform customs clearance. In the training course of English phraseology you can acquire new skills to communicate using standardized phrases in the English language.

3 000 PLN

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