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Instrument Flights (IR - Instrument Rating) IR(A)


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The training process for ratings for Instrument Flights (IR - Instrument Rating) Flight training is performed based ona training program, which develops  piloting skills based solely on a set of instruments plus theknowledge of how to move in a controlled space in accordance with the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). The exercises are focused mainly on improving the techniques of reading and interpretation of the instruments and the use of avionics devices for navigation according to the ground stations and GPS system.

Flight training program consist of minimum 50 hours of flight training including 35 hoursin the flight simulatorand 15 hoursin single-engine aircraftequipped with aset ofinstruments forIFR flights. If you want to enroll in the training you have to have Private or Commercial Pilot Licence andmedical certificate ofsecond orfirst class.Further requirement prior to the flight training isground trainingcompletion. Beacause the Airline Transport Pilot Licence ground training includes arange ofinformation for ratings formulti-engine aircraft and Instrument Rating, it has to be completed prior to the mentioned flight training.

What conditions you must fulfill to start the flight training for Instrument Rating?

  1. have a Private Pilot Licence PPL(A) or Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A) issued in accordance with PART-FCL or ICAO regulations
  2. have a valid medical certificate of I or II class without limits to perform IFR flights
  3. complete and pass with positive result the ground training for IR(A) rating or the training course for Airline Transport Pilot Licence ATPL(A), which is conducted in stationary and distantlearning mode (if from the date of training course completionmorethan 12 months have passed,you shouldpass the KWT exam(you can do it at our school)
  4. have VFR Night ratings
  5. have minimum 50 hours of flight as pilot-in-command ( PIC)

Do I have to pass ATPL (A) exam before the Aviation Examination Board of Civil Aviation Authority to join the flight training IR(A)?

Tostarttheflight trainingforInstrument RatingsIR(A) youhave to complte theground trainingand obtaina certificate issued bytheCertifiedFlight Training Organization. You will get the rating entered in your licence after passing the flight and ground examination approved by the Aviation Examination Board of Civil Aviation Authority.

Read more how much we extend your range of knowledge preparing you for Instrument Flights.

Flight Training is available in the following options.

We implement the training to obtain the rating for Instrument Flight (IR - Instrument Rating) in one of several options with use of aircraft equipped with avionics technology with the highest level of General Aviation.


Piper PA28 Archer III aircraft.

Advancedtrainingrequires also advanced equipment, Piper PA28ArcherIII with GPSin the form oftwo integratedGarminGNS430receiversis a greattool forpilots possessing InstrumentRating (IR).The advantages of comprehensive use of modern avionics will be appreciatedboth by Private Pilots andPilots, who plan a professional career. The use offlight simulatorin the training processhelps to optimize the costs andmakesthe training processmore efficient.

24 000 PLN

What do I need to do to join the flight training?

Application for participation in the course is very simple, you can manage to do everything online.

  1. Make sure that you fulfill the minimal requirements, which determine the participation in the training, you will find this information in this article.
  2. Please write us an email using the form and with following information: First name and Surname, phone number, name and option of training.
  3. In our feedback we arrange with you an appointment at the for you convenient time to discuss the training process and to sign the contract on the selected flight training.
  4. If you took with us the ground training please use the price preferences for loyal customers in the column "Ground Training in the set with Flight Training at a better price."
  5. Done! We get on the aircraft and start training.

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Extend your skills and obtain a higher level of entitlement.


Ground Training for Airline Transport Pilot Licence (A)

This course, apart from the scope of knowledge on the ATPL(A) level, provides a full range of knowledge to implement the training for Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A), the Instrument Rating IR and Multi-engine Rating ME.

3 400 PLN
Szkolenie Praktyczne do Licencji Pilota Samolotowego Zawodowego CPL(A)

Flight Training for Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A) / ME

Flight training is implemented on the basis of the training program, which aims to extend the competence of pilot to the commercial level. The exercises performed in the training process focus mainly on the service of extended functionality of the airship Complex and on development of skills for instrument flights.

from 22 000 PLN
Kurs angielskiej frazeologii lotniczej Aviation English ICAO Level 4+

Aviation English ICAO Level 4+

Fly beyond the Polish borders as well. The countries belonging to the EU and to the Schengen Area don’t have to perform customs clearance. In the training course of English phraseology you can acquire new skills to communicate using standardized phrases in the English language.

3 000 PLN

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