Flight Training for

Private Pilot Licence PPL (A)

What we have for you?

Develop your aviation skills by implementation of flight training and by acquirement of more ratings and licences. We treat the training process as a whole, start with our ground training and develop your skills by implementation of our flight training.


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The training process for Private Pilot Licence consists ofGround and Flight Training, , which is conducted by the end of the theoretical part. Flight training is performed based ona training program, which defines the scope of skills that are acquired by a student-pilot during the realization of next flight trainings. Flight training program encompassesa minimum of45 hours flight time.

What conditions do you have to fulfill to take and continue flight training for Private Pilot Licence:

  1. On date of the first solo flight the student-pilot has to be at least 16 years old.
  2. A candidate filing for Private Pilot Licence has to be at least 17 years old;
  3. Candidates who are under 18 must have a parentsor legal guardians declaration containing their consent to aviation training in the scope of the PPL (A) licence;
  4. A candidate filing for Private Pilot Licence PPL (A) must have a valid medical certificate of 1 or 2 class
  5. Minimum education for the candidate for Private Pilot Licence: completed eight years of primary school and at the moment must be the student of lower secondary school or equivalent.

Read more how much we extend your range of knowledge preparing you for the Private Pilot Licence.

Flight Training is available in the following options.

Flight Training is available in the following options. The choice is based on the diversity of types of aircraft, which are used in the conducted training. Each option specifies the price of the flight training depending on the type of the chosen aircraft. The choice of the particular option is based mainly on the analysis of how you want to use your Private Pilot Licence, after receiving your document. Read description of each option and think about your own needs and opportunities.

Prices listed below are gross prices and in force from 2013-09-01


AERO AT-3 R100

Aero At-3 aircraft is a modern, two seat, low-wingaircraft with a complex radio-navigational equipment based on Garmin G500 glass cockpit. This aeroplane is perfect for longer flights providing highpassenger comfort. Each pilot appreciates the value ​​of modern avionic equipment. A built-in GPS receiver gives you full comfort at the controls and reduces the workload and consequently the stress that may be encoutered.

33 500 PLN


Cessna 172 or Piper Archer PA-28

Four-seatgeneral aviation aircraft for sightseeing and interesting cross country flightswith friends and family.Feel confidentat the controls ofheavier machineand share your passion with your nearest and dearest. It is an aircraftforthose who like toorganize tripsto distant and unknown places.You will learn to operate on basic avionic equipment and to manage  cross country flightsin full extent.

41 500 PLN

What do I need to do to join the flight training?

Application for participation in the course is very simple, you can manage to do everything online.

  1. Make sure that you fulfill the minimal requirements, which determine the participation in the training, you will find this information in this article.
  2. Email us and fill in a form with following information: First name and Surname, phone number, name and option of training.
  3. Now it’s our turn:we arrangea meeting to discuss all the details and sign a contract on the selected flight training
  4. If you have completed the ground training at our school please use the price preferences for loyal customers in the column "Ground Training + Flight Training at a better price."
  5. Done! We get on the aircraft and start flying.

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